Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SureShot Books sending books to inmates

SureShot Publisher sends Spanish books and other reading materials to inmates in prisons. www.sureshotbooks.com NEW YORK, August 28, 2012 – SureShot Books has sent Spanish books, magazines, and other reading materials to inmates in various prisons across the States. The company has been sending inmates books and other reading materials ever since they started the company back in 1990. Sending magazines to inmates, aside from sending books and newspapers, has always been the main aim of the company. The company believes that education is the most important help that can be given to inmates who have to spend their time in jail. By sending these reading materials, they are given the chance to enhance their education through self-learning. Incarceration can always be a time to improve oneself through education. Therefore, sending magazines to inmates, aside from other reading materials, can help inmates equip themselves with new knowledge that will help them acquire new skills that they may be able to use by the time they are released from prison. Because a lot of these inmates don’t have English as their main language, Spanish books are also provided. It is the belief of the company that no one should be barred from being able to read because they aren’t that well-versed in English. It is the goal of the company to give hope to these inmates. Through improving themselves while they spend their time in prison, they may be able to better themselves and be able to re-integrate back into the society once they have spent their time in jail. By giving them the chance to attain new skills through education and reading, they are given the chance to learn new skills that will help them get new job and work opportunities in the outside world. Family members and friends are also encouraged to help further the inmates’ education by sending them these reading materials via online purchases through the company. They may be able to send their incarcerated loved ones with books, magazines, newspapers, and even greeting mementos via ordering online. Even inmates can order via the company and have these materials sent directly to their loved ones in the outside world. Sending magazines to inmates and other reading materials can be a big help for them. Rather than spending time in despair, they can focus their attention in reading and discovering new interests and widen their education by spending time reading. About SureShot Books SureShot Books is a company that has been created during the nineties with the main goal of helping the families of inmates get the means of improving themselves through education and reading. A complete library equipped with Spanish and English titles alike have been put together so that inmates are given the access to as much materials as possible. Newspapers and magazines from all over the country can also be accessed through the website. Contact: SureShot Books Publisher’s 15 North Mill Street Nyack, Ny 10960 www.sureshotbooks.com info@sureshotbooks.com 888.608.0868


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