Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SureShot Publisher sends Spanish books to inmates across the United States. NEW YORK, August 28, 2012 – SureShot Books sends books to inmates to inmates in prisons all over the Unites States. The company keeps promise of helping inmates further their education through sending them various reading materials both in Spanish and English. Education is important and inmates, even though they have wronged the society at one time or another gravely, deserve the right to improve themselves through further education. SureShot Books believe that books, magazines, newspapers, and other reading materials are tools that these inmates can use in order to further their education and acquire new knowledge that will help them improve how they deal with life. Therefore, the company has been steadfast in its goal to keep being the bridge for these incarcerated brothers to education. A vast library of books, magazines, and newspapers can be accessed by these inmates via the company’s website. Both in the English and the Spanish language, inmates can access and purchase these materials for a minimal fee. Families and friends can also purchase these materials within the comforts of their home and can have these books sent directly to their loved ones in jail. Even inmates can order for their loved ones in the outside world. A new section to the library has been added that deals with children’s story books so that inmates can purchase books for their children and have these sent to their kids directly via the site. The company believes that the mind, though the body in locked up, isn’t locked up at all and has the capacity to improve itself through reading new materials and spend jail time acquiring new skills that may be of help to these inmates get new work opportunities as soon as they get out of jail. Since it is a point of interest to be certain of a new chance once these inmates get out of jail time, giving them the chance to acquire new skills through education and reading will help them learn new things that will help them re-join the outside community they have been locked-up from. Sending books to inmates will be much appreciated by these people who have no other better thing to do in jail. These materials will allow them to spend their time improving themselves through the wonderful hobby of reading and learning. Rather than spend time despairing about their situation, these books, magazines, and newspapers will give them the chance of discovering the wonderful world of reading. About SureShot Books SureShot Books is a company that has been put up back in the nineties by a group of people who believe that sending books to inmates will help them further their education and acquire new skills that will help them re-integrate themselves back into the community once they get out of jail time. The company has also provided book authors with the chance of getting their books published. SureShot believes that people have the capacity to improve themselves and that anyone can unlock one’s potentials only if given the chance to do so. Contact: SureShot Books Publisher’s 15 North Mill Street Nyack, Ny 10960 info@sureshotbooks.com 888.608.0868

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